Conference is focused especially on the following themes:

⚬  Automation, Digitalization of Industrial Resources
⚬  Digital and Virtual Technology and Its Applications
⚬  Implementation of Virtual Reality
⚬  Impact of Industry on Life-cycle of Enterprises
⚬  Models of Business Systems and Processes
⚬  Project, Innovation and Production Management
⚬  New Approaches and Methods for Increasing Efficiency, Productivity and Competitiveness of Companies
⚬  Production Systems and Processes
⚬  Logistics and Supply Chain Management
⚬  Ergonomics
⚬  Trends in Economy - Modeling, Risk Analysis
⚬  Trends in Management and Marketing of Industrial Companies
⚬  Education and E-learning

Important dates
August 9st, 2021 - Start of the registration
August 31th, 2021 - Registration deadline

September 30th, 2021 - Deadline for the final paper submission
October 10th, 2021 - Deadline for a payment
October 19th, 2021 - Start of the conference

Each participant must register through the Registration form and this registration form has to be sent to

Conference fee:

with participation - 200 EUR, inc. VAT,

without participation - 100 EUR, inc. VAT.

The registration fee covers the entrance to the conference Trends and Innovative Approaches in Business Processes 2021, publishing one paper in the conference proceedings, refreshments, and the invitation to gala dinner. The accommodation of participants is included in the registration fee. No refunds can be made for cancellations but a participant substitute will be admitted.
The fee for accompanying persons is 140 EUR. The fee covers refreshments, participation in accompanying events, the invitation to gala dinner and accomodation.

All payments have to be done by bank transfer to the following account:
Beneficiary: Technická univerzita v Košiciach, Strojnícka fakulta, ÚMPaDI, Letná 9, 042 00 Košice, Slovensko
Business ID: 00397610
Tax ID: 2020486710
Bank: Štátna pokladnica, Radlinského 32, P.O.BOX 13, 810 05 Bratislava 15, Slovensko
IBAN: SK41 8180 0000 0070 0015 1492
Variable symbol: 521
Constant symbol: 0308
Message for beneficiary: "Name Surname TIPP_ID Organization (acronym)"

In case of all payments, please enter your registration ID number in the message for the beneficiary. The bank fees for international payments are borne out by the payer. Each participant will receive an invoice.


The village is located in a picturesque countryside that provides relaxation and tourism. Especially the geyser, but   also the mineral water springs and the atmosphere of the former historic spas are attractive for tourists. Herlians' Geyser as the only cold - water geyser in Europe is unique in Europe. It is distinguished from classic geysers by its low water temperature because it is situated in an area with expired volcanic activity.

The geyser spontaneously sprays up to 10 to 15 meters with a period of 32 to 36 hours, the eruption lasts about 25 minutes. It is active continuously since 1872. The water temperature is 14-18 ° C and the water is highly mineralized.

There are heritage listed former spa buildings "Dargov", "Branisko", "Geyser" and "Hornád". The area of historical spa including geyser belongs to the Technical University of Kosice. There are Gejzír and Branisko tourist hostels, which also belong to the Technical University.

Two kilometers from Herlany, the faint remains of a medieval castle from the 13th century have been preserved on the wooded hill on the hill "Hradisko".

In the northwest cadastre of the village, there is a State Nature Reserve Malé Brdo. On an area of 56 ha, there is a natural community of beech, oak forests, and meadows. There are different kinds of opals in the surroundings of the village. Perhaps the most famous is the occurrence of the so-called meat opal, which is located about 4km north-east of the village near the road leading to Banske. East of the opal bearing is located near the Herlany saddle at an altitude of 700 meters.